In these times of heightened environmental awareness and concern for the future, ensuring that business is conducted in a low-impact, sustainable way has become critical. At QCCN, we take the issue of sustainability very seriously and apply it to all areas of our operations.

While we are by no means class leaders, we focus on:

  • Reducing: We seek to minimise waste, reduce packaging and cut our usage of all consumable resources.
  • Recycling: We have an active recycling program, and ensure that we reuse materials where possible. Where available we use recycled products.
  • Clean energy: We proudly support Ergon Energy’s Clean Energy Program, purchasing our power from renewable resources.
  • Travel: Whenever practical we make use of telecommunications rather than physical travel to stay in touch with our clients and key stakeholders.
  • Vehicles: We limit the size of QCCN vehicles to the minimum safe for the situation, and always opt for the most fuel efficient hire vehicles available. Where available we hire hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • Sustainable working: As well as looking after the environment, we also pursue a policy of staff sustainability by providing flexible working arrangements, lifestyle benefits and staff involvement in corporate decision making.
  • Philanthropy: QCCN directly benefits from society and each year the team selects a number of local and national charities to which a percentage of our profit is donated. Favoured causes include childhood poverty, preventive healthcare and those in need in our own communities.
  • Head office: Our head office itself is located in a recycled 1920s farm house, beside Ross River in what is now the centre of Townsville.

To demonstrate and benchmark our commitment to sustainability QCCN enrolled in the pilot of the Queensland Government ecoBiz program and was certified as one of the first corporate ecoBiz Partners.



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