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Queensland Corporate Communication Network (QCCN) is one of Queensland’s premier corporate communication firms and the
only major consultancy focused on the state’s regional areas.

Three themes resonate through our activities:

  • Working to preserve and build reputation.
  • Recognising, valuing and working with stakeholders– who we define in the broadest sense as individuals or groups with
    an interest in our clients or their activities.
  • Engagement of all stakeholders to build bridges of shared understanding which create better outcomes.

With a state-wide network of senior communication professionals, QCCN is one of Queensland’s top consultancies* and
the only one headquartered in a regional area. The Queensland Government also pre-qualified QCCN for senior government
projects under the then PQC scheme.

Our professional experience and intimate understanding of regional and rural areas and issues means we build and implement solutions from the ground up and implement them on the ground where they are needed and where our team can react instantly to changing local needs rather than flying in from Brisbane or further afield.

We unashamedly focus on complex, technical and/or high-risk projects for clients in a range of sectors including:

  • Government
  • Health and aging
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Mining and resources
  • Policy and governance
  • Transport and logistics

Our core strengths:

We understand and effectively communicate complex and technical issues – some have said we speak fluent “engineer” and “manager” while translating effectively to “stakeholder” and “community”.

We seek to understand and add value to all parts of projects in which we get involved – bringing our specialised “right brain” communication thinking to bear on broader problems.

We don’t believe in “silver bullets” and know that one size does not fit all – we build solutions from first principles on the ground where they are needed, based on local knowledge and not remotely from Brisbane or further south.

Our network of senior professionals is spread across regional Queensland – this means they are already where clients need them, with all their years of contacts, understanding and experience ready to go.

We choose not to be headquartered in Brisbane – allowing us to be closer to our clients, projects and key stakeholders. We also enjoy a great lifestyle.

We are committed to active benchmarking of our work, outputs and practice – seeking to continuously improve through direct feedback, industry awards processes and membership of key professional bodies.

QCCN is a mature and stable organisation – our heritage dates back to 1987 and is backed by solid procedures and processes. Many of our team members have been with the firm for more than a decade.

*Source: Queensland Business Review


Senior team members

Our operations are coordinated around Queensland through our senior team, many of whom manage their own clients and projects in their local areas


Wider network of specialists

Our dedicated team is supported by a wider network of specialist communication practitioners, providing input as required in a range of areas including indigenous affairs, community development, project management, and business audit.

Professional support across
sectors and project types

We pride ourselves on our level of professionalism and ability to cope with any job, whether it is large or small.

Spanning a diverse range of sectors, our client portfolio includes a range of Government agencies along with some of Queensland’s largest companies and community organisations.

At QCCN we take pride in the way we develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

We constantly benchmark our processes and outputs and our team regularly attend further training to enhance our skills. This ensures we provide our clients with steady high quality work and outcomes.

We have been operating for over 20 years

QCCN has been serving our clients since 1999 with the roots of the company going back a further decade, and our team of professionals is among the most experienced of any communication consultancy in Australia.

What others say about us

“As soon as I heard the QCCN team were involved in what was a difficult and complex situation, my faith in a positive outcome increased immeasurably”

Queensland Government Minister

“Your innovative and proactive approach to stakeholder relations in no small part contributed to the success of this sensitive and complex program of works”

Water Matters Alliance

“QCCN’s aggressive marketing campaign transformed North Queensland’s Army Reserve Brigade from a severely undermanned outfit into a national leader in recruitment”

11 Brigade Army Reserve


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