Our Network

One of QCCN’s core strengths comes from the geographic reach of our Queensland-wide network. By bringing together a team of senior, highly experienced communication professionals we are able to provide timely and targeted on-ground support across the State.

Headquartered by choice in Townsville, QCCN is the only communication consultancy to have the ability to work state-wide through highly motivated senior consultants strategically located in major regional centres. We expand this reach to the rest of Queensland, across Australia and around the world through strong links to other highly respected communication professionals.

From our regional hubs, we are able to easily and effectively reach further into rural and remote areas of Queensland and the Northern Territory as and when clients and their projects require.

With the team dispersed throughout the state we use what have become industry standard telecommunications and IT tools to effectively collaborate as a team – they are nothing new to us and there was no “pivot” to videoconferencing for us. This virtual office environment allows us to respond quickly to events and requests while minimising mobilisation costs to clients.

The network is also supported by robust policies, procedures and systems that allow us  to rapidly deploy consistent support while maintaining tight managerial and budgetary controls.

Our close, professional links with strategic media contacts, other specialist communication firms, supply partners, Government and the corporate sector give us an up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of regional issues affecting our clients, stakeholders and projects.



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