How we do things

QCCN uncompromisingly strives for excellence in practice and outcomes.

We believe our process is simple but highly effective:

  • We work to understand our clients, their operating environment, issues and desired outcomes. We seek to understand the stakeholders involved to find both common ground and areas of disconnection between them.
  • We build strategic solutions to meet identified needs and our team engages with all relevant parties to create shared understanding, acceptance and an environment where change can occur. Based on the strategy, the most appropriate elements from our toolbox are employed. These tools may range from simple mass media and events programs, through to audits and in-depth negotiations with individual stakeholders.
  • We continuously review and reassess our strategies and their implementation to ensure continued best fit to the situation and desired results.
  • We benchmark status, outcomes and impacts measurement on all projects to ensure clients receive the best possible outcomes and the QCCN team with continuous input. Where clients approve, we nominate projects for benchmarking through external awards programs.
  • We continually communicate with our clients to ensure they are both informed and involved in their projects.

No two clients or projects are identical and therefore we do not provide “cookie cutter” responses. Every client deserves a custom project approach tailored to their specific needs.



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